Wheels of Yesteryear car museum showcases over 50 vintage American muscle cars owned by Paul & Carol Cummings of North Carolina. In total, Paul and Carol own over 100 vintage automobiles and trucks that have been restored over the past 45 years. The restorations are done in a manner that preserves the original spirit of the vehicle, keeping all VIN numbers matching when possible. Each January, Wheels of Yesteryear closes for two weeks to rotate and change some of the inventory to better showcase the immense variety of this spectacular collection.

The cars listed below are just some of the classics you may see at Wheels of Yesteryear.

**Due to the rotation of our inventory, some of the cars listed below may not be available to view at this time


1971 Plymouth "Hemi" 'Cuda convertible
This 1971 Plymouth "Hemi" 'Cuda convertible features an automatic transmission with console and bucket seats. The E-body 'cuda convertible was only available in 1970 and 1971.


1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ
The Cale Yarborough version of the 1969 Mercury Cyclone offered NASCAR enthusiasts a taste of the track with its 428 CJ cubic inch, 360 horsepower V-8. Only 218 of these cars were offered in 1969 in this configuration.


1963 Corvette Stingray
Production of the Split Window Stingray Corvette was discontinued due to the fact that the split window offered limited visibility. This fuel injected, 4 speed coupe features knock off wheels and a 327 cubic inch V-8, and is one of just a few survivors still in existence.


1955 Dodge Stepside Pickup truck
This was the first year of the V-8 engine. It features a 313 cubic inch motor and a big back window, which is rare.


1960 Buick Wildcat convertible
Only 1,900 produced. It was known as the business man’s muscle car. Features a 455 cubic inch 370 hp engine.